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Nick's Livejournal Blog, which is often not about monkeys. Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Nick" journal:

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March 20th, 2011
08:56 pm
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Packing up my blog and moving on.
I’ve moved all my old entries, and will be moving all my new entries to a wordpress.com site. I’m happy to convey the address to you, but I’d rather not stick it right up here. I suppose I’ll continue to hang out on LJ for a while to reply to... well, Bobby is the only individual I know who still really posts any thing here. I’m doing this for you, Bobby. Although I guess occasionally bassdrumdream and cambro do still post here.

Current Music: The Big Broadcast on WAMU

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January 30th, 2011
12:13 am
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gPodder for android.
Boring unless you want to run gPodder on your android phone.Collapse )

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January 12th, 2011
01:17 pm
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I have an android phone now. How about a geek-out moment: Here's some apps and stuff that I like.
Beneath the cutCollapse )

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December 29th, 2010
06:18 pm
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The Friday Five
I am a LiveJourn'ler, too ill to do useful stuff that isn't work, and no one's around at work to make work worth going to. Thus I present the Friday Five.

1) Do you celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas or the commercial aspect of Christmas?

I went to Christmas Eve church service this year, and didn't buy anyone any gifts. I don't think that answers the question, but I guess I'm not as in to answering these as I thought I would be.

2) What's your favorite activity to celebrate the holidays? (i.e. baking goodings, making ornaments, etc.)

I think baking is important to me. Somehow Scrabble is, as well. Goodings, according to Wordnik, are a method of begging alms - I'm not sure why I'd bake them.

3) Would you rather give or receive?

This assumes that the two are distinct in my brain, and they really aren't. There's a lot of times when it's an act of generosity to take something from someone graciously. I recognize that I'm on both ends of that graciousness at Christmas.

4) What is the gift you are most anxious to give this holiday season and who is it for? What makes is so special?

See answer to #1.

5) What is the most memorable gift you have ever gotten for Christmas? Why did it stand out more compared to other ones?

My bike. I hadn't asked for a bike, and didn't need a bike, since I had a decent one, but I got a bike for Christmas and nothing else, because my family's approach to gifts that year was to buy everyone something expensive that they went in on together, in an attempt to simplify shopping. I remember it because I had asked for several cheaper things I would have been happier to get, even if they were all I got. It was worse than disappointment with the gift, it was the discomfort that comes with not being able to take a gift as graciously as you want to. I nearly fainted - it seemed like my family must have thrown such a lot of money into buying me something I really didn't need, and had never asked for.

Mmmm. First World Problems.

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December 1st, 2010
05:11 pm
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Constitutional Law Mnemonics
Spending Power: GWUFINPPIB General Welfare,
Federal Interest in National Program or Product
no Independant Bar

10th Amendment: FARTS - Feds can Apply Regulations to States
FECALS - Fderal Edict Can’t Assign Law to States
CRAPPOLA - Can’t Require Any Payment for Programs Of Local Authorities

Plain & Clear Requirement ALPACAS - Aim at Local Plainly And Clearly to Apply to States

SC Rule 10 ABFAB: Any question Between Federal Appellate Branches
FLABSCAFAB: Federal Law Argument Between State Court And Federal Appellate Branch
FLABSCAB - Federal Law Argument Between State Courts. Ab.
COSCO ASCAP - Circuit Or State COurt Argues with Supreme Court of America’s Precedent
SCOTTIE FLAUCAS - Supreme Court Oughtta Think Through Important Effect of Federal Law from Appellate US Court or Any State court

Necessarry & Proper Clause NAP-NAPA: Neccesary And Proper - Never Any Power Alone

Reach of Judicial Review JURASSIC FECES: JUdicial Review: Actions of States; Statutes In Congress; Federal Executive’s, Congress’ EffortS.

Dormant Commerce Clause O’SODA - Other States Overtly Discriminated Against
SUMO RIDE - State Uses Means Or Regardless of Intent, Discriminatory Effects
FOR NOB ACE - 1)Function of Regulation 2)Nature of Business 3)Actual Commercial Effect

Supr Ct’s Original Jx FAUST - cases involving Foreign Ambassadors, and US STates

Preemption of State Law COIN FED - Conflict Or Interference Naked, Federal End Deflated
CITY OF EBOLA - Congress Intends To, Y’know, Occupy the Field Expressly or By: (1) - Law’s comprehensiveness, (2) - Agency created to administer

Positivism: POT - Positivism = Originalism & Textualism
Originalism FIVE-O - Framers’ Important ValuE = Originalism

Normativism NET PRICCE - Normativism: Extra-Textualism: Political Realities, Influence of Custom, Consensus, Experience

Standing CRISS, PITIR - Causation, Redressability, Injury = Standing to Sue. Personal Injury Threat (for Injunction) Reasonable

Timing TRAM - Timing: Ripeness And Mootness

Ripeness for Injunctive or Declaratory Relief SHIRT WEEDWHAC - Severity of Hardship If Required To Wait; Extent Evidentiary Development Would Help A Court

Mootness Exceptions MECA HIT LIST - Mootness Exceptions: Class Action; Hearing Issue Takes Longer thatn Issue Should Take

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April 7th, 2010
09:04 pm
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It's been a while since I've gotten...
spam_poetry (x-posted)

erjected, with a

Mesteth Bey
to me

show details 8:49 PM (23 hours ago)

E group. And of course, as it’s the
first time, she’s a little excited at having the
older set.“ ”The older set? Our contemporaries, you mean?“ ”Why--yes.“
Miss Suffern paused as if to gather herself up for a leap. ”The

Ashton Gileses,“ she brought out. ”The Ashton Gileses? Really? I shall
be glad to see Mary Giles again. It must be eighteen years,“ said Mrs.
Lidcote steadily. ”Yes,“ Miss Suffern

gasped, precipitately refilling her cup. ”The Ashton Gileses; and who
else?“ ”Well, the Sam Fresbies. But the most important
person, of course, is Mrs. Lorin Boulger.“ ”Mrs. Boulger? Leila didn’t
tell me she was coming.“ ”Didn’t she? I suppose she forgot everything

when she saw you. But the party was got up for Mrs. Boulger.
You see, it’s very important that she
should--well, take a fancy to Leila and Wilbour; his being appointed to
Rome virtually depends on it. And you know Leila insists on Rome in
order to be near you. So she asked Mary Giles, who’s intimate with the

Boulgers, if the visit couldn’t possibly be arranged; and Mary’s cable
caught Mrs. Boulger
at Cherbourg. She’s to be only a fortnight in
America; and getting her to come directly here was rather a triumph.“

I see it was,“ said Mrs. Lidcote. ”You know, she’s rather--rather
fussy; and

Mary was a little doubtful if--“ ”If she would, on account of Leila?“
Mrs. Lidcote murmured. ”Well, yes. In

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February 2nd, 2010
12:56 pm
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Transit dream map SVG
For anyone who might be interested in messing around with my transit dream map 0.2.1, it can be found here in scalable format.

EDIT: Fixed the link

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January 15th, 2010
04:34 pm
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Version 0.2 of my DC transit dream map

Originally uploaded by revnicklucre2
I've retained only the very barest abstraction of geography; the faint tilted diamond of the original District, which I think is enough to put the transit in context for folks familiar with DC (at least until someone is actually trying to catch one).


-A Bladensburg Rd line connects the planned Rhode Island Ave and H / Benning lines.
-The Rhode Island Ave Line is extended into Queensbury Road, with connections to the Purple Line via the Riverdale MARC, and the PG Plaza Metro.
-A line in River East connects Anacostia and Benning Rd Metros: MLK to Good Hope to Alabama to Southern to Benning.
-A line cuts across the fort circle parks in River East, connecting the planned Minnesota Ave. line (between Anacostia and Minnesota Ave Metros) and my Alabama Ave line (above) via Pennsylvania Avenue, crossing the Sousa bridge and ending at the Eastern Market Metro, where it provides additional connections to other streetcar lines.
-A line crosses the Frederick Douglass bridge, connecting planned lines in Capitol Riverfront (which currently end near the Nats Ballpark) to the planned line in River East near the Saint Elizabeth's campus.
-A line connects planned transit near the Pentagon via the 14th St Bridge to Maine Ave, where it connects to the planned line through the Waterfront Metro. A branch of this line jogs back to the West, then travels across the Mall on 17th St. past the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, White House, north to Farragut Square, where the fact that it won't actually travel on National Park Land but on city streets will allow connection here (not that I expect anyone to transfer from Metro to streetcar and back again to get between the two Farraguts).
-My first Purple Line extension includes a piece of the former Cabin John line, connecting the Chain Bridge to Glen Echo. After crossing the Chain Bridge, it follows Dolley Madison to Tyson's Corner.
-All this transit in Arlington/Fairfax is meaningless without some serious rethinking directed at Arlington Blvd generally, and Seven Corners in particular. A walkable Seven Corners anchored by a streetcar hub may be a way to work toward that. I use Seven Corners to connect Arlington Boulevard to three other planned transit lines in Virginia.

Much more needs to happen before this is a final transit dream map
-Expansions to metro lines and addition of new exits and infill stations.
-Service to areas I have little familiarity with (Southern PG (National Harbor) and Fairfax counties, Alexandria)
-Complete Purple Line
-Infill stations, additional lines and connections for Commuter Trains.
-Water Taxi/Commuter boat routes and stations
-SmartBike (/ whatever Bike Sharing) stations and bike routes/ cycletracks placed to complement powered transit without needlessly repeating it.
-This map won't leave Beta until it accounts for easing necessary automobile travel and parking in key corridors - beyond making fewer automobile trips necessary.

This map is already pretty busy. I may wind up making separate maps for some of these, although if I just take out the station names it might make it work.

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January 13th, 2010
10:32 pm
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Arrrgh! Identi.ca is offline!
Gah! Identi.ca fails me at the very time I have something to share that I know relates to someone who uses Identi.ca.

There’s a band containing two of the members of the Pixies. They have licensed their CD under a Creative Commons Attribution license, with lossless files of the source tracks, so you can remix their music AND SELL IT YOURSELF. Or, give your songs back to them to be published in an upcoming CD to be called “The Everybody Else”.


Current Music: The Everybody - Snow in Los Angeles
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December 6th, 2009
08:28 pm
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New improved canvasser cards
A slight improvement to both the page and the availability: here.

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